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An original circuit, born out of a search for a synth sound that kept coming up empty after endless pedal purchases.

The VISCERAL is a sawtooth wave fuzz. This sound was inspired by snarling synthesizers on songs like Krack by Soulwax and Phantom, Pt. II by Justice. Instead focusing on the spacey sounds offered by most synth pedals, the VISCERAL is no nonsense, extremely aggressive synth fuzz meant to be wielded like a weapon. The lower the frequencies you push through it, the more overwhelming it sounds- ideal for baritone and bass guitar- but also a ripper on standard tuning electrics.


PULSE controls the width of the sawtooth waveform and adjusts the texture and character of the fuzz. From spitting fizzy bright fuzz to deep rumbling growl.

MIX allows you to blend your clean signal in alongside the fuzz, perfect for bass players.

VOLUME This allows you to find the right level for the fuzz alongside the rest of your pedals.

There is an internal BIAS trimpot that allows you to dial in how tight the fuzz gets gated.

POWER 9vDC center negative.